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IHSI Medical Massage Therapy School


“Employment of massage therapists is projected to grow 22 percent from 2012 to 2028, much faster than the average for all occupations.” Combine that with the fact that 96% of our students go on to be either employed or open their own massage clinics. Why wait? Get started on a new career path today!

The School's Goal & Mission

It is the mission and the goal of IHSI Institute of Massage that upon graduation, each and every student will not only feel confident and competent and ready to embark on his or her exciting new career in massage therapy but that the student will BE competent and ready as a professional massage therapist with the experience and training to prove it!

The Course Curriculum

The course curriculum will present the human body as various “zones.” Each “zone” is discussed progressively allowing the student to become familiar with the material being taught. In this way the student will progress through the program in an orderly fashion.

The Course Curriculum is best described as a blend of Lecture and Practical components being presented in a way that encourages and allows the student to work side by side with the instructor in a mentoring type environment. Total Program Hours equal 625 hours meeting State Board requirements.

Lecture Class

Lecture Class presents the very latest and “cutting edge” medical massage technique in a practical and easy to understand way. Each class is designed to encourage questions and student participation. Discussion is presented in a way to help the student “think outside of the box” so as to be prepared for any real life application of massage therapy. Lecture Class provides demonstrations and the opportunity for students to explore what they are learning.

Practicum Class

Practicum Class allows the students to learn “hands on” application of massage technique in a controlled and safe environment. All students are encouraged to participate which means FREE MASSAGES FOR EVERYONE!!! The Practicum Class is fun and informative. The curriculum focuses on anatomy and physiology as well as the best and most effective techniques needed for employment in today’s fun and exciting massage therapy world.

Student Clinic Class

Also provided is Student Clinic Class where you’ll enjoy working with the community also in a safe and controlled environment, all the while building the skills and opportunity to be successful in your new career!

Elective Class

Elective Class is an exciting innovation within our curriculum where you’ll have the opportunity to customize your educational experience! The Elective Class lets you explore an area related to massage therapy that is of your interest. For example, aromatherapy. You’ll have the opportunity of selecting an Elective of your choice and arranging participation with greater flexibility to fit your busy life.

Just present the Elective choice to your instructor and get started. (Students are responsible for arranging and caring for Elective Choice as well as any additional costs. IHSI Institute of Massage provides additional clinical experience as an Elective Choice at no additional cost for students who would prefer this as their choice.)

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