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IHSI Institute of Massage
IHSI Institute of Massage

Massage School Testimonials

"Dan is hands down the most knowledgeable massage therapist I have met. There are what the massage world calls "fluff and buff massage therapists" who make you feel good, then you wake up the next morning and your body forgot you had a massage. As a 2009 graduate of a school where Dan was an instructor, we were taught techniques and modalities that, when receiving massages, you FELT the benefit for days and even weeks. I envy those who will be a graduate of IHSI, as he is not only an instructor, but the founder. You will learn everything you need to learn about anatomy, physiology and kinesiology of the body in a comprehensive way. He teaches professionalism and proper table side manor. Classroom discussions are always interactive, educating and fun. He found a way for each of his students who put forth the effort to not only learn and not be left behind but to succeed. Dan is not only the most knowledgeable massage therapist and instructor I have met, but also kind and patient. I'm not one to write reviews - I'm the first to read them and the last to write them but when you feel passion behind something, it drives you. I can't stress enough what an awesome experience being a massage therapist is, but there are no words of what being a massage therapist under the instruction of Dan is like. If you question if massage is the right path for you, reach out to him - I'm sure after 5 minutes of talking with him, you'll be on board to starting down one of the most gratifying career paths out there!"
-- Ashley J.

"Seriously, the best massage I have ever had. Clean, professional, and the staff is very intelligent."
-- Laura G.

"I've been a happy "victim" of Dan's students for many years now and I'm always impressed by the knowledge and skill that are evident. Great job!"
-- Richard B.

"Today I received my State License certificate. A great feeling! I'm no spring chicken, either. I decided to make a life change at 59. When I began the classes, I had had some massage education under my belt but it had been many years and I did not continue my education. Needless to say, I thought I was all that. NOT. I remember telling Pam on the initial interview that muscles don't change, what could be so hard? Ate my words about three weeks into the course! Well, muscles don't change but you gotta learn 'em first! And be prepared to learn on the fast track. Do not be afraid to learn, or set out on tasks of your own. Take the basic information provided by the great teaching staff at IHSI and make it blossom, creating your own style and manner of touch. One of the most important factors of massage therapy is to tune in to the client. All the A&P and Kinesiology in the world is not going to translate to your client until you have the awareness of their needs. Listen to what your hands are telling you and you will soar. Dan, Pam, and Brianna are a great team. Go ahead, step out of your comfort zone and make a difference in the world."
-- Ellen B.

"I was a student of Dan's a few years back, and as far as a teacher he is phenomenal. I enjoyed going to class, and the level of knowledge that he has is amazing. I don't know if I would be as successful today as a massage therapist without his direction. If you are thinking about becoming a therapist I would suggest that Dan be your instructor."
-- Donna W.

"Dan was my massage instructor 2005-2006. I was so happy to have him as my instructor ... he's one of the best! The medical massage training I received from him really set me apart throughout my career. Really knowing the anatomy & how to treat your clients, not just make them feel good, keeps them coming back. I really did pick the right school. I consider myself so fortunate to have had Dan Morris as my instructor. I will be 10 years into my career March 2016. I work full time as a therapist in Boca Raton, FL. and have had my weekly clients for years. I work in an amazing spa where people can really escape from everyday stress. I also go to their homes for their convenience. Having Dan Morris as your instructor will provide all you need to have a successful career as a massage therapist. "
-- Autumn Q.

"As a former student of Dan Morris, I must say I enjoyed being in his class. He was very knowledgeable in the practice and was a great teacher."-- Angela S.

"I have been going to Dan & Pam Morris for massages for 14 years (since 2001) and what a difference they have made in my life. They have perfect amazing techniques and both thoroughly enjoy their work. Their heart is right at the center of their mission and they put their all in into every massage. They are the perfect people to teach/pass on this knowledge they have acquired throughout the years of experience. "
-- Staci S.

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