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IHSI Institute of Massage
IHSI Institute of Massage

IHSI Massage Therapy School Mission

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Natural & Complementary Health Care

IHSI Institute of Massage is dedicated to the idea that sound, evidence-based, natural and complementary medicine is beneficial for all people. Thus, the Institute demonstrates a strong commitment to promoting a positive image of natural and complementary health care. This provides opportunities for the serious and motivated student to serve his or her community through natural medicine and the natural healing arts.

The Institute recognizes that there are many different approaches to health care, ranging from the allopathic approach, to the very esoteric approach. With respect for the various approaches to health care, the Institute chooses to support evidence-based sciences as they apply to natural health care.

Building Bridges Between Diciplines

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In this way, the Institute hopes to give support in building the bridges of understanding between medical communities and the many different alternative and complementary health care communities, while remaining true to its own mission of supporting evidence-based, natural and complementary medicine as it applies to massage and manual therapies.

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